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Our Comprehensive Aquarium Maintenance Program

All aquariums require maintenance. How well your aquarium is maintained directly affects the health of its inhabitants as well as the beauty of the display. With that in mind, we offer a full-service maintenance program that is tailored to your needs.

Our crew can supplement your current routine or perform full-time maintenance. We are more than happy to keep your aquarium in excellent condition while keeping within your budget and schedule!


What We Offer

We adhere to the principles of professionalism, reliability, and integrity. We offer the following:

  • Aquariums of all sizes
  • Commercial and residential aquariums
  • Competitively priced professional installations
  • Design consultation
  • Full-service for new and upgraded systems
  • Freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks
  • Water changes at least once per month

Maintenance Services

  • Visual check of fish for disease, swimming, and breathing rate
  • removal of algae growth from interior surfaces
  • Water chemistry test
  • Empty protein skimmer collection cup
  • Check food inventory
  • Clean exterior surfaces
  • Check color, smell, and water temperature
  • Clean overflow filtration pads
  • Add trace elements (reef systems)
  • Top off water
  • Clean algae and salt deposits from light fixtures
  • Visual equipment checks, air, and water flow

Maintenance Schedules

  • Bi-Weekly — Mechanical filter cleaning
  • As Needed — Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants, and ornaments
  • Monthly — Change water (more often if needed), siphon debris from gravel bottom, remove debris from mechanical filter, remove debris from wet/dry filtration bed
  • Every Six Weeks — Change chemical filtration media
  • Quarterly — Change chemical filtration media

Rely on Us

With Champion Aquariums, you can rest easy knowing everything is at its best and running properly. We stand by our professionalism, quality, integrity, and reliability. Contact us for any questions or to schedule a consultation.