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Aquarium Design and Installation

champion aquariums Champion Aquariums not only sells and installs new aquariums - we guide you through every aspect of an aquarium project. We specialize in developing a customized unit that meets a client's unique aquatic needs and creates an individualized conversation piece for home or office!

Our consultation services are the first step in bringing your aquatic vision into reality
- whether it's in a commercial locale, home, or office. We work one-on-one with clients to fully understand both their functional and aesthetic needs. We consider every aspect in the design of each aquarium.

Our professional staff is experienced at working with interior designers, architects, electricians, and contractors. Nationally, we are available to conduct presentations for board members or project coordinators of corporations and fundraising organizations.


champion aquariums Design and Engineering
Champion Aquariums provides state-of-the-art systems, functional as well as beautiful pieces of living art. We do more than just stay on top of evolving technology in the aquarium industry - our designers provide the elements that bring your surrounding room or interior to life. We pride ourselves in breathtaking, one-of-a-kind design that highlights both the tropical fish and their aquatic environment. Each aquarium we design makes a bold statement that beautifully complements the design of the room in which it resides.

Every detail is considered in the design of each aquarium. For example, we pay particular attention to the sound an aquarium generates within a room. Poorly designed aquariums can be heard clear across a room, sometimes from across the hall or foyer! We make sure the sound level of our aquariums is appropriate to the particular environment.

The success of any aquatic environment begins with the proper selection and installation of equipment. We utilize quality materials from top manufacturers and work closely with reputable aquarium fabricators to ensure the highest quality. We also provide furniture-quality custom cabinetry to match your home or office or can work with your existing cabinetmaker to insure perfect installation.

champion aquariums With each installation, we ensure that everything is fully operational before introducing any fish to the tank.

Our installation team ensures that your aquarium's installation is smooth and creates minimal interruption to your home or business. We provide the tools and talent needed for a professional installation. Using Champion Aquariums gives you the peace of mind knowing that your product and our service crews are fully insured while working in your home or business. Installations also include the delivery of purified water to ensure an ideal environment for your livestock. The special talent that sets our installation crews apart from others is their artistic vision and exceptional craftsmanship.

We create a living piece of art in your home or office.


champion aquariumsAquarium Fish
Your aquarium's most important elements are the fish selected to enjoy this new habitat. Many times the wrong fish are selected and they cannot survive properly. We are careful to help you select the proper fish for your aquarium. When we hand select marine and reef specimens for your aquarium, we carefully inspect them to assure that everything placed in your aquarium is healthy and the best quality. We properly acclimate each specimen to help reduce stress caused by shipping. To avoid problems, we assess the compatibility of the specimen with your aquarium's current inhabitants. Most importantly, we quarantine every fish we sell for a minimum of 5 days to ensure all new specimens are healthy and disease free.

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