Nemo fish. Amphiprion in Home Coral reef aquarium.

Custom Saltwater Aquariums

Bespoke Marine Environments For Your Home Or Business

Our state-of-the-art saltwater aquarium ecosystems are designed with precision, providing a perfect balance between form and function. We utilize the highest quality materials and equipment in our builds and our experts oversee every step of the process from design and fabrication to plumbing and installation.

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5 star reviews

South Florida Saltwater Aquarium Builder

We Build Marine Aquariums That Grab Attention

We have designed, built, installed, and maintained top-of-the-line aquariums in South Florida for more than 30 years. Whether you're designing a new aquarium for your home or your business, we can design, build, and install a fish tank that's sure to turn heads.

Coral reef
Reef & Rock Design

We tailor the rock placements, coral reef selections, and every other aspect of your aquariums ecosystem to your aesthetics.

Exotic Animals

We obtain, quarantine, and deliver exotic fish and coral directly to your home or business. All of our exotic fish have a two-week replacement guarantee.

Highest Quality Equipment

We outfit our custom marine aquariums with the highest quality filtration & flow equipment, lighting, sumps, substrate, and any other systems that may be necessary.

Ready To Speak With Someone About Your Aquarium?

Our aquarium experts are standing by to discuss your needs and schedule a site visit.

Residential & Commercial Aquariums

Marine Ecosystems Engineered Specifically To Your Space

Whether you're looking for a cozy corner piece in your living room or a 5000-gallon saltwater aquarium for your corporate headquarters, we can design, fabricate, and install an environment to your exact specifications.

  • "Champion aquariums deserves 10 stars for making our saltwater tank an effortless enjoyment!!! 🐠 Marc is always accommodating and goes above and beyond! Leah is the sweetest person! She’s always on time, every 2 weeks and meticulous about the cleaning our 🐠 tank. Plus, she loves my dogs 🐕 and they get excited to see her!! If you need professional… call Champion. You won’t be disappointed!!"

    theresa c

    Theresa Carissimi

  • "Max, Kevin, and the entire Champion Aquarium team exceeded all expectations. Their punctuality, professionalism, and attention to detail were remarkable. Not only did they deliver outstanding service, but their fair and consistent pricing added to the overall exceptional experience. Highly recommended!"

    theresa c

    Nigel Alston

  • "I’ve been using Champion Aquariums for several years now. They keep my tanks clean and healthy. Even helped me out with keeping my fish safe when my house had to be tented. Allison is the best tech ever, very knowledgeable and saved several of my fish with her skills. I highly recommend Champion Aquarium for your aquarium needs! "

    theresa c

    Donna Rega

  • "We inherited this company when we bought our house with an aquarium built in. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable when they come to service the tank and they clean the area before leaving. We have gotten great advice about our tank and the fish groupings from Kevin especially. Wonderful company all around."

    theresa c

    Asha Nurse

  • "I was about to lose my tank and fishes when i hired Champion Aquariums, Steve was awesome, very polite and knowledgable, he made my water look perfect in a few weeks and now i am ready to start more corals. Thank you Steve and Champion Aquariums!"

    theresa c

    Marcelo Coelho

Unparalleled Aquarium Services

Building A Custom Saltwater Aquarium With Champion Aquariums

Design and installation is just the beginning of our journey together. We offer unparalleled aftercare and support, with expert advice on hand to make sure your aquatic ecosystem thrives for years to come. Whether you're looking for weekly cleanings, quarterly maintenance, or you just like knowing that you have an expert available when needed, we can put together a support schedule tailored to your needs.

Our services don't stop after your installation is complete. We're available for regular aquarium maintenance, aquarium cleaning, upgrades, enhancements, and any other ongoing support you might need for your custom marine aquarium.
We carry top-of-the-line aquarium products, technology, equipment, and materials from the top brands in the industry. Whether you're thinking of upgrading an existing aquarium or are building a new one, you can leverage our industry expertise to choose the ideal setup for your tank, from state-of-the-art filtration systems to energy-efficient lighting, that not only enhance the vitality of your marine ecosystem but also complement your design aesthetic.
We understand that an aquarium emergency can arise at any time, so whether you're having trouble getting your aquarium's water quality under control, a piece of critical equipment has failed, or there's another issue putting the health and well-being of your pets and their ecosystem at risk, our aquarium pros are available for emergency services and support to ensure the longevity of your marine aquarium.
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